Productivity Apps for Lawyers – Loren Faye



hether you are part of a large firm or a solo practitioner, you are an attorney on-the-go-go-go who is no doubt using your mobile device for more than phone calls and text messaging. And if you are not, you should be. Here’s a list of productivity apps that should make work and home life a little more manageable.

List Taming: Wunderlist
Cost: Free for basic functionality, $4.99 per month for additional features
Similar to ToDoist, Wunderlist ranks high in the battle of the best of task management apps. It is the most feature-packed app, but it still has a relatively simple interface, and reviewers like that its three-panel view allows users to see all their information at once. It allows sharing for up to 25 users, making it suitable for team management. Its calendar sharing function is more robust than ToDoist, and it easily integrates with iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook. You can also forward your emails to Wunderlist and have them automatically converted into tasks, which is a huge time-saver.

File Sharing: Dropbox
Cost: Free to $49.99 per month, depending on amount of storage
A cloud-based file storage provider, Dropbox allows you to manage all your important documents from any device by automatically syncing files you put into a local Dropbox folder on your computer or smartphone to the cloud. Use it to securely view and share important documents, videos or images, both personal and professional.

Note Taking: Evernote
Cost: Free to $39.99 per year, depending on functionality
Evernote allows you to capture your ideas, notes, details, files, to-do list items, images, research, websites and audio recordings synced across all your devices. By assigning categories or hashtags, you can easily search your notes as far back as necessary. You can also attach files and audio recordings to them. If you like to take notes by hand, you can use an Evernote stylus or scan your handwriting, and Evernote will make your notes searchable automatically.

Document Scanning: CamScanner
Cost: Free to $6.99
While you can take a photo of anything with your mobile phone, CamScanner is a true document scanner, automatically cropping and enhancing any image into a finished PDF file. Use it to scan receipts, client agreements, whiteboard discussions, notes, or any other kind of document that you want to upload, save or share. Documents can also be saved in a .txt format for later editing.

Mind Sharpening: Blinkist
Cost: Free
Blinkist was named as one of the App Store Best of for 2017. It summarizes the key highlights from more than 2,500 best-selling nonfiction books, which you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes. Blinkist is only available for iOS devices. D