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Legal Life: Denver Casting Call


DBA Seeking Participants for a Law-Based Reality Show

Over the past decade, reality television shows have gained widespread popularity. Television networks are increasingly airing shows featuring a “day in the life” of people, whether mundane or obscure, and for some reason or another, these shows have proven to be incredibly addicting. From shows such as the “Real Housewives” franchise to “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “Tuna Wars,” reality shows are a cost-effective way for others to get a glimpse into the personal and/or professional lives of other Americans.

I always felt that the practice of law would make a great premise for a reality show. From the first-year associate at a large law firm, to a district attorney, public defender, or solo practitioner, a “day in the life” of attorneys can be unique, dramatic, emotional, and interesting. Apparently, I am not the only one who felt that legal profession would be conducive to an interesting reality series.

Recently, the Bravo network—a network known for many reality television shows—contacted the Denver Bar Association to inform us that this summer they will start filming a reality series regarding the legal profession and lawyers’ lives during and after work. They chose Denver because of its robust legal community and active cultural landscape that still lacks much of the high-volume and “red tape” of other jurisdictions, such as Los Angeles and New York.

As the producer, April Fuerst noted, “Denver has the perfect confluence of a sophisticated legal system with a fun culture.” Fuerst also added that this is the perfect time to film a reality show on the legal profession in Denver, given the fact that it is in the national limelight for recreational marijuana and the microbrewery boom.

When they approached the DBA about this series, many of us questioned whether it is possible to air such a series while maintaining client confidences and maintaining the integrity of the legal profession. Bravo’s lawyers also raised this issue, so they decided to avoid any ethical or professional pitfalls by focusing on the actual lives of lawyers and not delving into specifics of any cases or clients. They will film the lawyers doing their work in public forums and also spend substantial time filming lawyers’ personal lives, with the consent of anyone who might be directly or indirectly involved.

The show is tentatively called “Legal Life: Denver,” although the network is also screening other names in opinion surveys. It is initially under contract to air eight episodes, with the option to add an additional five episodes for the first season.

The Bravo producers approached the DBA to aid them in their quest to find six attorneys in completely different practices with potential daily occurrences of drama, stress, and humor. They are seeking attorneys in these practices to have interesting personal lives that can be examined on camera. For example, they are seeking attorneys who are single and dating, in the process of family planning, in the midst of tumultuous relationships, or who otherwise have personal lives that might provide an interesting glimpse to outsiders.

Therefore, the DBA and Bravo are jointly accepting applications for the show. Overall, we are seeking three men and three women from various legal backgrounds. We would like to find attorneys that fairly represent a cross-section of the legal community, so we seek solo practitioners, law firm associates, law firm partners, and attorneys in the public sector for this position.

Starting on or after April Fool’s Day, please email your application to cgibb@cobar.org. In your email, please include the following in no more than 100 words per question: 1) Tell us about yourself, professionally and personally 2) Why would you be a good candidate for this show? Include your preferred email address and phone number. SURPRISE! This is an April Fool’s article. We aren’t actually holding a casting call for a legal reality show. 

If you make the first cut, we will contact you for further information and potential in-person interviews. Also, please contact me at beckybye@gmail.com if you have any other questions before submitting your application.


By Becky Bye, a public attorney. She received her J.D. from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law in 2005. Bye is actively involved in the legal community, including serving on the University of Denver Law’s Alumni Council and the DBA Docket Committee. She is a past chair of the CBA Young Lawyers Division. Bye may be reached at beckybye@gmail.com.

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