2240 Clay St. , Unit 100 
Denver, CO 80211

Suggested drinks: 
Apple Pie Whiskey Smash 
Monday gin, apple, lemon juice, vanilla, cinnamon 

Smoked Sage Honeybee
Mockingbird tequila, lemon juice, honey, smoked sage

Awake describes itself as “America’s first full-service Alcohol-free bar.” They offer a carefully curated selection of nonalcoholic beer, wine, spirits, and mocktail elixirs.

For co-founders Billy & Christy Wynne, it started with looking for a way to live life with more presence and gratitude for the opportunity to be here now. For them it became undeniable that alcohol was not serving that purpose, but too often the decision to abandon drinking is couched in a sense of loss and self-denial. Billy & Christy were determined to turn toward this choice as a positive act of creation.

Their desire to open an alcohol-free bar coincided with the sober conscious movement and its rapidly expanding array of delicious alcohol-free beverages.

Having found success in other aspects of their careers – for Billy with his health consulting firm and for Christy as an integrative medicine physician assistant now focused on sobriety coaching — they wanted to contribute to this societal shift. That intention became Awake.

Their mission and values
Awake is a Public Benefit Corporation, which means they’re required by Colorado law to adhere to their mission: to create space for peace, joy, and justice-making in our community. They accomplish that goal by intentionally creating a safe, inclusive environment; offering discounts to diversify our customer base; contributing 2% of all sales and 20% of profits to local charities focused on mental health needs, including addiction; mindfully sourcing our products, relying on local vendors when possible; and occupying an environmentally friendly, LEED-certified space.