Stand Down for Homeless Veterans ~ By Jessica A. Volz

Denver’s annual Stand Down for Homeless Veterans takes place on Thursday, November 19. Similar events are held nationwide each year. The concept behind the Stand Downs goes back to the Vietnam War, where they served as a safe retreat for units from combat operations. They provided weary soldiers with the opportunity to boost their spirits and overall sense of well-being. Many local agencies contribute by providing haircuts, health screenings, food, boots and sleeping bags for these American heroes throughout the day. The CBA Military and Veterans’ Affairs Section also furnishes legal information to attendees and provides legal representation for veterans appearing before a judge during the Stand Down.

The Denver County Court has implemented a remote courtroom for the Stand Down for a number of years. The courtroom generally has 10 to 12 Court employees, and the vast majority of cases have been resolved in a straightforward fashion. The Court runs throughout the day at the Armory off of 58th Avenue and I-25. The Honorable Beth Faragher, the judge who will be presiding at the Stand Down this year, feels privileged to serve in such a capacity.

Chief Judge John Marcucci noted that last year’s Court staff and presiding judge were “outstanding.” He commented that “Judge Hada provided excellent insight while handling the docket for the Court” and noted that the need for the Stand Down in Denver was “considerable.”

For more information about how to get involved, contact Meghan Bush at mbush@cobar.org. D

Jessica A. Volz Profile PhotoJessica A. Volz is a Communications and Marketing Specialist for the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations, as well as the Editor of The Docket. She can be reached at jvolz@cobar.org.