When it comes to holiday gifts, books are always a good idea. But it is 2013, and there’s no denying the electrifying appeal of the innumerable amount of “techie” gadgets on the market. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for family and friends or items to put on your own wish list, the following products will provide you with illuminating digital glee:

1.       Google Chrome Book


From $199, http://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/devices/

Google Chromebooks include several different laptop models, all with the streamlined Google Chrome OS. They are especially effective for Web-based tasks and browsing, as well as email and video chatting.

2.       Kindle


From $69, https://kindle.amazon.com/

This e-reader from Amazon offers the gift of literacy in flashier form. It’s highly convenient for anyone who travels, as it’s lightweight and can host a slew of different books at once.

3.       iPad


From $299, http://www.apple.com/ipad/

IPads are the latest hit in tech treats, with a variety of models in which to choose from: iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad Mini. They are incredibly versatile devices, with everyone from kids to attorneys utilizing their features (See page 10!).

4.       Mini Jambox


$179.99, http://jawbone.com/store/buy/minijambox

The Mini Jambox is a wireless Bluetooth speaker – the perfect portable speaker to liven up any party! It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and most Mac or PC computers.

5.       Blue Lounge Cable Box


$29.95, http://www.bluelounge.com/products/cablebox/

See all of those cords on the ground? We don’t, either. This cable box is practical and stylish.

6.       iPhone Picture Printer


$159.95, http://www.skymall.com/iphone-photo-printer/83849.html

Sorry digital cameras of the world, but iPhones have nearly taken over when it comes to capturing in-the-moment photos and life events. This printer makes it easy to keep those memories updated on the fridge!

7.       iPad Telephoto Lens


$25, http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/ipad-telephoto-lens/

This detachable Telephoto Lens offers a 10X zoom for iPads and a 12X zoom for iPad Minis, giving the ability to capture close-up shots from a distance. It also offers special effects, bringing out the photographer in us all.

8.       Touchscreen Gloves


$28, momastore.org

Problem: It’s cold outside, and so many of our gadgets are touchscreen – how do we utilize them without catching frostbite? Solution: These gloves.

9.       Keychain Universal Charger


$29, http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/leaf-universal-charger

In our era of high-tech everything, a low battery signal is gut wrenching. Keep this universal charger on your keychain at all times to ensure you’re never caught with a dead device.

10.   Casetagram Phone Cases


$39.95, http://www.casetagram.com/design

This custom phone case comprised of favorite pictures makes a sweet gift. Casetagram is available for most phone types, and you can import photos from Instagram, Facebook or your own library.

11.   iPhone Paperback Sticky Notes


$8, http://ilovehandles.com/products-page/iphone/paperback/

These are the future of sticky notes – designed to fit perfectly on the back of your iPhone!

12.   Vintage Books iPhone Charger


$68, www.Anthropologie.com

These vintage book stacks hide an iPhone charger! Compatible with all iPhones and iPods, this is a great gift for the book-lover in your life.


Please comment with any feedback and/or more tech gadget gift ideas!