Intro to RETRO Docket – Brendan Baker



Docket magazine began in April 1978, when disco ruled the charts, a humble peanut farmer occupied the White House, and no one outside the Department of Defense had ever heard the word “internet.” It is the successor to the “Denver Bar Calendar,” a quarterly, one-page sheet which simply listed DBA meetings and other local legal events. (From “Calendar is Dead, Long Live The Docket” in the inaugural issue: “To illustrate the contrast between the now demised Calendar and the newborn Docket, we offer you this same article as it would have appeared in its entirety in the Denver Bar Calendar: ‘The blue colored Denver Bar Calendar has been replaced by a buff colored publication called The Docket.”’ From the start, the Docket focused on providing content that was engaging and entertaining to a legal audience, rather than simply informative (it was nearly called The Bar Flier, which I think we can all agree would have been amazing). There have been several redesigns over the years, and the flavor of the publication has changed from era to era based on the personalities involved and the spirit of the times. But the emphasis always comes back to providing enjoyable reading material that DBA members actually want to peruse and discuss, without feeling economically obligated to do so. The Colorado Bar Association’s Colorado Lawyer magazine more than covers the substantive legal issues that Denver attorneys need to stay abreast of to practice effectively; the Docket seeks to fill a different niche in your regular reading rotation.







The following pages provide a retrospective of some of the most entertaining Docket content and designs over the last four decades, to give you a sense of our history and character. With the next issue, we will debut a new size, design, and layout, with fresh content curated by our newly minted 2019 Docket Committee. We want to provide you with a magazine that reflects the interests, values, and aspirations of the Denver legal community, not just as lawyers but as whole people. You can anticipate seeing more features on arts, culture, and travel, including discussions of popular entertainment, bar and restaurant reviews, compelling human interest stories, health and wellness tips, and humorous/satirical content, all aimed at our highly educated, well-informed audience.
We hope you will enjoy reading some of our best content from years past, and that it will get you excited for a fun new iteration of the magazine. As 1977-78 DBA President William C. McClearn put it in our first issue: “If you sense a small amount of irreverence in these pages, why not? Some might suggest this organization has been altogether too staid in the past. Will you look forward to the next issue? That’s the test. I’ll bet you will.” D