Dear Members,

First, let me introduce myself: my name is Brendan Baker, and I am the new editor of the Docket. I am beyond excited to be working with the wonderful staff of the Denver Bar Association, and with you, our members. As a lawyer who recently left active practice on the east coast to pursue full-time writing opportunities, my road here has been long and winding, with plenty of literal and figurative elevation changes. But as the articles in this issue make clear, that is often the only way for someone to get to where they are truly meant to be.

From starting a legal career while contending with undocumented immigrant status (page 14), to retaking the bar exam (page 22), to dealing with professional setbacks in general (page 7), several of our pieces consider how to survive and thrive even when life does not go according to plan. As attorneys we are trained to help our clients navigate some of the most difficult and stressful situations imaginable, yet few of us are as well-trained in managing our own stresses and disappointments. Fortunately, we have resources like local bar associations, full of colleagues ready to provide support and encouragement, sometimes when we don’t even realize we need it. With this support, we might find that cultivating extracurricular hobbies can give our lives richness and meaning in addition to our professional commitments (page 15). Perhaps we find contentment and respite by sharing our resources with others (page 28); by using our legal educations to help fellow citizens understand and protect their own rights (page 24); or by supporting up-and-coming members of the profession (page 18; page 19). The options are endless, even when we can’t see them.

The journeys of so many attorneys reveal that there is always the potential for something better over the horizon; you just need to keep putting one foot forward, while also acknowledging and appreciating the people around you in the moment. Whatever your individual circumstances, it is beneficial to remember that you are part of a community, and that we can rise to any challenge together. And don’t forget to acknowledge and appreciate yourself from time to time as well — wherever you are headed, if you’re reading this, you’ve come a long way already!

I hope you enjoy the February/March issue of the Docket, and we look forward to presenting you with many more exciting features in the year to come.

Brendan Baker