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Letter From The Editor




Greetings Members, 

This is the first edition of the Docket since the Bar moved to our new offices on 1290 Broadway. The new space is beautiful, with 17th-story views of the city and the mountains — come stop by if you haven’t already!
Now that we’re in these new digs, we decided it was time for a fresh start for the Docket too! In the past year that I have been editing this publication, and the years immediately prior, the Docket has included a huge range of content, from practice material to attorney profiles to bar reviews to humorous content. We’ve had great participation from members, and we’ve published some great articles. But we have heard from some of you that the range of content we publish can make it difficult to know how best to use the Docket, and what sorts of material we are looking for from contributors. We have also heard that since the great majority of Docket readers also received the CBA’s Colorado Lawyer magazine, it would be helpful for the publications to have more distinct focuses.

We have heard these responses, and decided to go back to the drawing board. When the Docket began, it was as a primarily satirical, lifestyle-oriented publication, whose mission was “to educate and entertain the Denver legal community — we hope without being sued!” After discussions and planning with the Docket committee and many of our members, we have decided to go back to our roots, and to relaunch the Docket as the lifestyle magazine of note for the Denver legal community. While we will continue to inform you about various news and opportunities in the world of Denver legal practice, the bulk of our content moving forward will be aimed at lightening your day, helping you plan your weekend, or just giving you a laugh and something to think about. As attorneys, you are hard-working and dedicated professionals, but you are also whole and complete people. The Docket wants to speak to the sides of you that don’t always get as much attention, and to hear from those sides as well.
This issue includes a retrospective of some of the most entertaining content from earlier publications of the Docket, going back to the first edition in 1978. For some of you, this material will be familiar, since so many of the early readers and contributors are still active members of the community. For others, it may be a surprise to see the sorts of content this legal magazine published in decades past. We hope you will all find this retrospective amusing and inspiring, and that you will be excited to start receiving the new and improved Docket this year. There will be a relaunch party for the Docket on April 24 at the Press Club, and we sincerely hope that many of you will be able to attend.
All the best of luck to you as we dive into 2019, and here’s to a great year ahead! D





Brendan Baker