Dear Members,

In this issue, we are very excited to present to you the winners of the 2018 Docket Arts & Literature Contest. We received dozens of compelling submissions this year, across a variety of media: poetry, painting, digital art, fiction, non-fiction, drawing and sculpture. Our panel of judges had a very difficult time picking which of the excellent pieces to award in each category, and we thank all of the contestants for their hard work, creativity and participation. As for our winners, in addition to featuring their works in this issue, we will also be highlighting each artist and their creation on our social media channels over the next several weeks — keep an eye out online for more info about your talented colleagues!
Speaking of talented colleagues, this issue also introduces the newest members of the Docket Board of Trustees. We are excited to officially welcome each of these attorneys, and look forward to seeing the fruits of their leadership and experience.
In addition to lawyers who moonlight as artists and lawyers who donate their time to wonderful organizations, this issue features our usual mélange of practice tips, legal insights and (hopefully) amusing humorous asides. We’ve got a lot of great content this month, so sit back, flip through and enjoy! D

Brendan Baker