Dear Members,

The end of the summer and the start of fall are bringing a lot of big changes to the Denver Bar. We have a new DBA President, Maureen “Mo” Watson, whose profile and first President’s Message are included in this issue. The new DBA Board of Trustees has been selected, and will be profiled in the next issue. There are some exciting new membership benefits in the works. And we are preparing to move offices to a great new location in a few months. Transitional periods often carry a dual sense of opportunity and destabilization. This can be true for unexpected changes, be they positive or negative, as well as for more predictable events like long-anticipated organizational developments or even the progression of seasons. As creatures of habit, we tend to cling to the familiar. Change of any sort can be difficult, even when it is foreseeable and welcomed.

But change we each must, inevitably, as surely as the leaves turn in autumn. The question is whether we are to change like the leaves, in a flurry and a fall, or like the sturdy tree that bears them anew each year, steadily growing through all the seasons.
This issue of the Docket includes articles on how to more effectively pursue important personal and professional goals; on increasing the representation of different groups within the legal profession; and on providing assistance to underserved and overlooked individuals. Our hope, as always, is that you find this information interesting and of use, and that you know the DBA is here to serve.

Our goal is to help you handle the seasons of your life like a tree, not a leaf; to change, but to persist.









Brendan Baker