Letter from the Editor ~ June/July 2017

Dear Members:

Thank you to those of you who attended the “Around the World” themed Barristers Benefit Ball on April 29. The evening sparkled with the spirit of diversity and inclusivity, and the funds could not have gone to a more deserving cause than Metro Volunteer Lawyers.

As much as a number of global challenges seem to defy the test of centuries, the course of recent events has ushered in “a new world (dis)order,” as Lady Catherine Ashton phrased it during her April visit to Denver. In the early days of her career — well before her tenure as the first vice president of the European Commission from 2009 to 2014 — her most pressing battles involved dealing with pirates off the coast of Somalia. Today, global crises have multiplied and mutated with astounding rapidity, attaining monumental proportions on “real” and virtual fronts. While progress has been made in areas such as extreme poverty, humankind is trekking down a path along which two wrongs don’t make a right. In this construct, the legal community is uniquely positioned to make a positive difference that can be felt on local and global levels. As we direct our focus to upholding the rule of law, we must not overlook the importance of legal aid in facilitating access to justice and supporting the healthy functioning of a democratic society.

Summer at the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations continues to be a time of action, and the glorious weather solar powers our spectrum of work. June and July culminate in celebrations and new beginnings, with the hottest touchstone on the agenda being the passing of the mighty gavel from one bar association president to the next.

It is my pleasure to use this issue to introduce incoming DBA President Franz Hardy and the honorees of the 2017 DBA Awards. Outgoing President Nancy Cohen has been an inspiration to us all, and we thank her for her service. The indefatigable passion for the practice of law encourages each of us to wield our personal power for that most important cause: the common good.

With warmest regards,

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Jessica A. Volz, Ph.D.