Letter from the Editor ~ August/September 2017

Dear Members:

It is not unusual for August and September to conjure to mind “back-to-school” sensations. Such déjà vu experiences are often Proustian in nature: They usurp your thoughts, plunging you into a warp of deep reflection — no madeleine or tea required, even if desired.

While making our way in the world as lifelong learners, it is important to see time as a commodity that should not be distilled into mere billable hours. As Eilene Zimmerman’s July 15 New York Times article, “The Lawyer, the Addict,” reminds us, an unhealthy lust for work often breeds other forms of addiction. Life is like a balance beam; you can slip off either edge if you overthink your steps or if you don’t think about them at all. Likewise, success and failure inspire our individual approaches to navigating along the labyrinthine balance beams that make up that journey called life.

Many of the articles contained in this issue touch on the themes of beginning anew and staying on track. Our lives are the substance of which novels are made. And how monotonous those novels would be if they did not have different chapters bookended with different beginnings and endings. To echo C. S. Lewis’s words, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” So, what are you waiting for?

With warmest regards,

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Jessica A. Volz, Ph.D.