Just had a similar, albeit less-researched and way more scaled down version of this same topic just last night, after seeing a commercial for a ‘smart car’ that not only braked to avoid hitting the inattentive jogger but also swerved away from her — what would have happened if there’d been another vehicle next to the smart car and it got hit. What if the second vehicle (a ‘dumb’ car) then lost control and hit another or ran into a tree, or a bicycle, and so on?
I, too, am excited about the prospect of insurance defense job security, but the mind boggles at the complexity of coverage issues our industry faces. And, having also worked on the plaintiff side of the fence (and also because I am also out on the road in my dumb car), I also have concerns about how plaintiffs are going to be sucked up into the vortex.
An interesting future, to say the least. I am definitely following this!