Craig does great work and is an invaluable resource in this area. It’s interesting to see this put this with mental health. A brain injury or spinal cord injury can lead to and complicate mental or behavioral health issues (both in survivors and family/caregivers), but they aren’t mental health injuries. A mental health treatment practitioner doesn’t treat brain or spinal cord injuries directly, and vice versa, though there is definitely a need for most survivors to receive services from both that isn’t usually met adequately. I’m not sure what a mental health injury is, except maybe another term for a harm usually called a psychological injury. Lawyers group brain injuries with psychological harm that can lead to damages, but it isn’t treated that way in the medical community, which focuses more on how the injury or issue arises. It’s an interesting question to ask if maybe brain injuries should be treated more like that though since for survivors and family/caregivers, the focus is more on the impact to life than on the source of the injury.