Postcard Perfect: “Around the World” Snapshots from the Barristers Benefit Ball

Approximately 420 guests braved the wintry weather to attend the 29th Annual Barristers Benefit Ball at EXDO Event Center on April 29. An impressive number of attendees dressed with this year’s “Around the World” theme in mind. The DBA thanks everyone who packed their (evening) bags for a great escape in support of Metro Volunteer Lawyers. The event raised an estimated $50,000 to support MVL’s commitment to providing free and low-cost legal services for civil matters to those in need.



  1. MVL Director Toni-Anne Dasent greets attendees.
  2. DBA Past President Janet Drake and her husband, Todd.
  3. Emma Garrison and her husband, Jake Wegrzyn.
  4. BBB Committee Co-Chair Kenzo Kawanabe (far right) and his family.
  5. John Albertsen, Jason St. Julien, CBA President Patricia Jarzobski, the Honorable Emily Anderson and CBA/DBA Executive Director Patrick Flaherty.
  6. DBA President Nancy Cohen and DBA President-Elect Franz Hardy show their support for MVL.
  7. Jon Watson, incoming DBA President-Elect Mo Watson, BBB Committee Co-Chair Jennifer Jaskolka and Geoff Lodeman.
  8. CBA Sections and Committees Director Melissa Nicoletti and her husband, Rick.