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Ten Questions with Member Richard Gama

“Ten Questions” is a new Docket feature focused on getting to know DBA members. If you’re interested in being in the spotlight—or know someone else who should be—let us know! Email cgibb@cobar.org.


1. Where did you go to law school and where are you currently working?
Rutgers University School of Law in Camden, NJ; Solo personal injury practice.

2. Why did you become a lawyer?
I wasn’t better at anything else.

3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a mentor?
Pick your battles. Life is too short to fight over every little thing. (I’ve found this advice to be equally helpful in both my professional career as well as my personal relationships).

4. What’s your favorite restaurant in Denver?

5. If you could bring only three things on an island with you, what would you bring?
A guitar, a knife, and a boat (for when I want to leave).

6. Who’s your role model and why?
My parents: my father because he was the best trial lawyer I’ve ever known and my mother because she is the best person I know.


7. What are your hobbies outside of the law?
Traveling, camping, forcing my wife to watch dumb action movies with me.

8. If you could watch only one TV show for a year, what would it be?
“Breaking Bad” reruns…but “The Walking Dead” is a very close second.

9. What’s on your desk right now?
Computer, water bottle, phone, files that I should be working on, etc.

10. If you weren’t a lawyer, you’d be:
Maybe a novelist but I doubt I’d be making any money at it.


You can contact Richard Gama at richard@gamalawfirm.com.

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