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Ten Questions with DBA Member Alex Hood


“Ten Questions” is a Docket feature focused on getting to know DBA members. If you’re interested in being in the spotlight—or know someone else who should be—email cgibb@cobar.org.

1.Where did you go to law school and where are you currently working?
I went to Boston College Law School and am now an Attorney and Director of Litigation at Towards Justice.

2. Why did you become a lawyer?
I was a high school history teacher for four years before going to law school. I really liked teaching at first, but then each year started to feel the same and I got a little bored with it. I wanted something new that was both intellectually challenging and where the work was constantly changing. That’s what I hoped for in becoming a lawyer and I haven’t been disappointed.

3. Where is your favorite place to travel?
Anywhere there is skiing or a beach.

4. Are you currently bingewatching any shows?
I can’t really binge-watch anything because I have two small children and very little time for TV. I am watching, slowly, House of Cards and Better Call Saul.

5. What’s the best restaurant in Denver?
The Torta Grill. This is a Mexican Torta shop on Colfax near my office. The owners started with a food truck and then opened this small restaurant that makes amazing grilled sandwiches. I’ve been trying to get them to give me a Torta Grill t-shirt for a while. I hope this plug helps my case.

6. What is your favorite thing to cook?
I started elk hunting a few years ago and enjoy coming up with various recipes for all of the elk in my freezer.

7. If you weren’t a lawyer, you’d be:
A chef. Though perhaps not a very good one. I love to cook.

8. How do you de-stress?
Playing with my 1.5 year old son and my 3.5 year old daughter in the backyard.

9. Biggest pet peeve?
Waiting in line for anything.

10. What’s your favorite board game?


Alex Hood is a co-founder and the Director of Litigation at Towards Justice, a nonprofit legal organization that provides legal services and other assistance to low-wage workers. You can contact him at

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