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The Bench-Bar Committee’s primary focus is to develop and enhance the relationship between Denver’s judges and attorneys. Throughout the year, we hold various events that focus on informal and collaborative discussions that strive to make both judges and lawyers’ jobs easier. Recently, we have achieved this objective most prominently through our popular “Courtroom Chats” series. This involves monthly events, typically held at 7:45 on the second Thursday of the month, during which judges in a Denver-based court converse with a group of up to 25 lawyers on various topics. The discussions often cover hot topics, in addition to procedural and ethical issues aimed to make both judges and lawyers’ jobs easier and the practice of law more collegial. In the past year alone, we have had Chats hosted by Supreme Court justices, Court of Appeals judges, trial judges in Denver District and County Courts, Administrate Law Judges, and judges presiding over Juvenile and Probate Court matters. These events are always conducted in a “roundtable” format in which lawyers are not only invited to ask questions and discuss their impressions, but are encouraged to do so to ensure the sessions are beneficial to all. Not only is a CLE credit always offered for these Chats, but breakfast is served as well, all for only $10. In addition to these Chats, our Committee has been involved in running other events throughout the year that further our mission of enhancing the relationship between judges and lawyers. D


Doug Stevens has practiced law in Colorado since 2000 and is a Special Counsel with the Boulder law firm of Caplan and Earnest LLC. His practice focuses on civil and commercial litigation, including construction matters, personal injury, and commercial and contract disputes. He also provides risk management and legal consultation services to businesses in the recreation and adventure industry. He has served as a co-chair of the DBA Bench Bar Committee since 2007. Doug can be reached at dstevens@celaw.com and 303-443-8010.

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