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An Exciting Year For The DBA – A Message From DBA President Maureen “Mo” Watson


I have to admit, it is a bit surreal to be writing my first column as Denver Bar Association President. I have dedicated a lot of time and energy to the DBA since entering practice, I am humbled to have the honor of serving as our 2018-2019 President.

For me, the DBA is more than just an association; it is my community. It is a hub of dedicated and hard-working staff with quality programing. It offers me a place to find substantive skills training and network with my peers. It is also the place I turn to find pro bono opportunities and volunteer within my community. At the DBA, I have found mentors, colleagues, substantive resources, referral sources, references and, most importantly, friends. The DBA is valuable to me because it has given me a place to feel connected. As I think about the year ahead, I hope to further grow the DBA into a place where you can have those experiences too.

In the coming year, with the work of our tremendous staff, we hope to help you see value in your DBA membership. I am particularly proud of the work the DBA is doing to provide new member benefits and programs. I hope to highlight some of these in my regular Docket columns. For example, we are developing new online community resources and taking a hard look at our programming to ensure it is impactful and relevant. Additionally, along with our surrounding county partners, we have grown and improved Metro Volunteer Lawyers (“MVL”). MVL is always a great place to turn for pro bono opportunities and other initiatives aimed at promoting access to justice. We also have a big move on the horizon. This year the DBA (along with the CBA and CLE) will be moving into new space for the first time in over 20 years. The relocation will give us a fresh location and exciting technology upgrades. All of this signals a year of change, growth, and opportunity for the DBA.

As a young lawyer (yes, I still technically meet that definition!) and an in-house attorney, I may be slightly different from the perception many people have of a “conventional” bar association member or leader. I think that is a good thing. To me, it reinforces much of what my predecessor, Franz Hardy, noted in his first letter last year: the DBA is your home, no matter your background, path, or current position.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I look forward to meeting and connecting with more DBA members in the year ahead. If you have an idea, initiative, or interest you think the DBA can help with, please let me know. I want this organization to work for you, and I know the DBA is committed to exploring new, creative ways to do that. D

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