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Top Trivia: Barristers Benefit Ball


Things every lawyer should know about the Barristers Benefit Ball:

  • Logo-BBBThe Barristers Benefit Ball is the primary annual fundraiser to benefit Metro Volunteer Lawyers (MVL) and the most vital part of its annual funding.
  • It is held every Spring and attended by more than 600 lawyers .
  • The Barristers Benefit Ball provides a unique and fun opportunity for lawyers to dress to the nines, enjoy a night on the town, and meet or reconnect with fellow professionals in a glamorous atmosphere.
  • If you have never attended the Barristers Benefit Ball, this is the perfect year to take the plunge—reserve your tickets now. You will be supporting the mission and programs of Metro Volunteer Lawyers and also experience one of the largest and best social events of season.

Test Your Trivia knowledge of the Barristers Benefit Ball. Take the following quiz to find out where you rank:

In what year was the Barristers Benefit Ball first held?
a. 1977
b. 2001
c. 1989
d. 1980

Which of the following has NEVER been a theme of the Barristers Benefit Ball?
a. Star Wars Revisited
b. The Ultimate Prom
c. A Tribute to Broadway
d. Talk Derby to Me

What decade saw the highest participation and revenue raised at the Barristers Benefit Ball?
a. 1970s
b. 1980s
c. 1990s
d. 2000s

How much revenue has the Barristers Benefit Ball generated for Metro Volunteer Lawyers over the years?
a. $800, 652.27
b. $7,800,652.27
c. $2,562,500.50
d. $93,976.32

What your score means (answers at the bottom):

If you only answered one or two correctly, you have a lot to learn. You should reserve your ticket now for the 2015 Barristers Benefit Ball!

If you answered more than three correctly, you are an expert in BBB trivia and history. You should reward yourself and your firm and sponsor a table for this year’s Barristers Benefit Ball.

BBBWhat you can expect at the 2015 Barristers Benefit Ball:

Fire and Ice—pick a side. Dress in your hottest cocktail finery, and get ready for one fiery night. Can’t handle the heat? Shine up your cool side with sparkly white attire. Whichever temperature you prefer, you are sure to love this year’s theme. The cocktail venue will allow you to choose a hot or cool side with drinks, music and an atmosphere that matches the contrasting tones. Free professional photos, a live band, dancing, dinner, and friends will help make it an evening to remember.


New in 2015:

There are many new and young professionals who would love to attend this year but cannot for financial reasons. This year we are offering firms and individuals an opportunity to help new, young and/or volunteer lawyers attend this glamorous event. Please consider “sponsoring” a young and/or volunteer lawyer when you RSVP. Do you have a patron table but are not sure if you have enough people to fill it up? You can also donate any unused tickets back to the bar and provide another opportunity for a deserving new or young lawyer to attend. For more information, contact Dana J. Collier Smith at 303-824-5318.

Reserve your tickets now for the hottest and coolest event of the season at denbar.org!


Answers: 1. c; 2. a; 3. d; 4. c

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