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QWhat is the meaning of the Latin phrase cum grano salis? 

AWith a grain of salt.




Scalia Speaks is the definitive collection of beloved Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s finest speeches covers topics as varied as the law, faith, virtue, pastimes, and his heroes and friends. Featuring a foreword by longtime friend Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and an intimate introduction by his youngest son, this volume includes dozens of speeches, some deeply personal, that have never before been published. Scalia Speaks will give readers the opportunity to encounter the legendary man more fully, helping them better understand the jurisprudence that made him one of the most important justices in the Court’s history and introducing them to his broader insights on faith and life.




“Always desire to learn something useful.” 

~ Sophocles




Sophocles was one of classical Greeks’ three great tragic playwrights. The best known of his 123 dramas is Oedipus the King. He is credited with several major dramatic innovations and is unsurpassed in his moments of using high dramatic tension and his revealing use of tragic irony.

Death Of Sophocles, Engraving by S. Pomarede, 1748



That sound changes when it snows. It seems quieter right after a snowfall because a blanket of fresh powder is absorbing the sound waves — but once the snow melts and refreezes, it then creates a reflective surface that amplifies sound by allowing it to travel farther than normal.


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