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Who wrote the song “Lawyers, Guns and Money”, in which the hapless narrator gets involved with a Russian spy waitress, runs afoul of a Cuban gambling operation, and ends up hiding out in Honduras, in desperate need of the aforementioned resources?

                                                      Warren Zevon






Many attorneys will be familiar with the Legally Blonde series of movies starring Reese Witherspoon. In addition to Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, there is also a successful Broadway musical and a direct-to-DVD spin off. Each of these is perennially popular, especially among law students and romantic comedy aficionados (two groups with surprisingly high overlap).

Less known is that the original film was an adaptation of a debut novel by Amanda Brown, a former Stanford Law student.
The book was optioned for film before publication, and many changes were made on its way from page to screen (such as switching the law school from Stanford in the book to Harvard in the movie). The novel is not widely available, but can be purchased from Amazon. It will be appealing to Legally Blonde completists, attorneys looking for creative inspiration, and anyone interested in the interplay between the literary and film adaptations of a story. MGM recently announced that a third feature film in the increasingly epic Legally Blonde saga, starring Witherspoon, will be released in 2020.




A group of owls is a “parliament”; a group of sharks is a “shiver”; a group of unicorns is a “blessing”; a group of lawyers is a “bar association.”



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