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A New State Seal?



Docket staff recently learned that there is a growing sentiment among a certain segment of Colorado industry that our State Seal needs a bit of a “refresh.” For reference, here’s the current state seal above.
Members of one of Colorado’s fastest-growing industries, the recreational marijuana industry, contend that the Seal is out of step with 21st Century Colorado. They point out that the mining tools located in the center of the seal, first incorporated in the Seal in the late 19th Century, make the Seal seem outdated and archaic. “Once Colorado’s largest industry, gold and silver mining has been eclipsed by a new, more environmentally friendly, natural resource,” contended Bud Kush, a pot industry spokesperson, in his April 1 interview. “It’s simple. Only one large-scale gold mine remains in operation in Colorado. Meanwhile, Marijuana is now a $1.5 billion industry in Colorado. The state has recovered over $500 million in tax revenue in 2017 alone. Many in the industry believe this should be reflected in the State Seal.”

To date, the design is not finalized. “We’re not recommending huge or disruptive changes,” Kush commented between racking coughs. “Just a little refresh.” Here is one proposed redesign above.
“The industry has narrowed it down to only a subtle change,” Kush said. “Some of the designs we worked up were a little more ‘out there,’ including one that substituted the axe and bundle with a pot pipe, for instance. We voted that one down,” Kush said. He hopes industry supporters will review the proposed redesign, offer comments and suggestions of their own, and support their eventual efforts to lobby state government to make the change.
He has asked Docket readers to weigh in. D

(This is an April Fools Article) 

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