Official Magazine of the Denver Bar Association

A Message from DBA President Nancy Cohen ~ April 1

It has been busy few months at the bar, judiciary and Colorado Supreme Court offices: 

  • Denver City Council has banned microwaves in all city offices until each one has been examined for hidden cameras. The City Attorney’s Office has been instructed to fire any attorney working for its office who is caught using a microwave.
  • The state legislature was watching an alternate news station and learned that there is an infestation of rodents in the Denver City and County building. The legislature is trying to secure funds to address this problem. Until then, be aware of small critters running around.
  • There was a series of news stories about problems with the judiciary. The legislature decided that there was no need for the third branch of government and stopped all funding until it was confirmed that the stories were “fake news.” The courts are up and running.
  • The Office of Bar Admissions just discovered that the grading service used for the July 2016 bar examination erroneously informed applicants who attended law schools not accredited by the ABA that they passed. All results for those applicants are now being investigated.
  • Because the practice of law is rapidly changing, the Colorado Supreme Court sua sponte promulgated a rule that any lawyer, other than sitting judges, who is 35 years or older and who has not taken the bar exam in the last three years will have to retake the exam at least once every 15 years.


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