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Bar Association Listservs Scheduled To Shutdown



ue to several of our members accounts, servers and computers being compromised; all listservs in each and ever bar association committee and subcommittee will be deleted and scrubbed. During this time, which could take several days to weeks, all listservs will not be available. This is due to the Illuminati Trojan horse virus that has infected several members computers in recent weeks. The virus takes over a user’s computer, tablet or phone and displays the above image in the owner’s home screen or lock screen.
The owner is still able to use her or his device, however it is not recommended, since during this time the virus is collecting data to be uploaded on May 1 (May Day) to an unknown database. It is advised that all members update and run their antivirus software immediately.

Since the original infestation originated from one of the bar association’s listservs, the most prudent measure is to shut down all listservs. The virus is downloaded as a clear or transparent .gif and is undetectable without close examination. Many of our members’ computers may be infected.
The listservs are scheduled to be shut down on April 25th.

Sources report the origination of the virus and the database are located in a former Soviet Eastern Bloc country.
It will take the IT consultants from several days to a few weeks to have the listservs updated and running again. In the meantime, it is required that all members wishing to use the listservs enroll in a 3 hour class, provided by the bar association, on listserv etiquette and security. The cost of the class is $100. The CBA as well as the DBA apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of you. D

(This is an April Fools Article) 



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